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GM’s Message

Archiwood from birth, has had nothing but pure passion to propel it forward and allow it to achieve all what it has in such a short time, Archiwood in my opinion has come to existence due to two major vacancies within the local market 1. Superior quality 2. innovation and lack of new designs. Looking back at what has enabled us to achieve all this would all pour down to two fundamental aspects 1st No compromises on our quality and standards regardless of the costs associated with such a decision 2nd delving further and seeking new and untried ideas along with designs when it comes to woodwork.

The Archi’s mission is to raise the standards when it comes to woodwork in Qatar and give birth to new and challenging ideas that we hope would change the entire conception of what carpentry truly is within the region. Our promise is to always deliver on what has brought us this far which are quality, uniqueness and the relentless effort on focusing where others fail to. the satisfaction of our customers is our priority, and I believe this what has enabled Archiwood to distinct itself from other competitors and create a name for itself in this market.  Being proud is an understatement for what Archiwood has been able and still achieves on a day-to-day basis. This journey while indeed may still be in its beginning, it has proven that Qatar demands innovative, unique ideas, designs and execution instead of mass-produced woodwork.

we hope to see you soon at our showroom. visit us and experience wood the Archi’s way.

"Archiwood Your Space Your Taste."